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In Minnies, we primarily raise skaters aged 6 and up, who will continue in synchronized skating in the higher categories according to their age. We develop the children’s skating skills so that they are able to skate alone, while at the same time teaching elements of synchronized skating. Finally, last but not least, we develop team players. During the season 2019/20 our coaching team, lead by Jitka Mokrá, will work not only on the skating skills, but also on building a synchro program, with which the team will compete in the Juvenile category.

We believe that your children will experience lots of fun in our team!

Season 2018/2019

Three years after the creation of this team, Minnies attended their first big international competition, and even competed in full numbers. Their program, skated to the music of popular animated film Coco, was joyful and the team fully enjoyed each performance. Not only is it important to work hard, but it is also essential to have fun and gain team spirit. And, as they proved in the last season, build a team that will work together as one.



Coco free skate

choreography: Jitka Mokrá
music: Coco (OST)


Jitka Mokrá

Head Coach

Zuzana Heranová

Assistant Coach

Klára Krejčíčková

Assistant Coach

Barbora Heroldová

Skating Skills Coach

Hana Šurkovská


Team for the season 2018/2019

Amálie Bobáková
Tereza Čížová
Denisa Dostálová
Denisa Dostálová
Viktoria Fischer
Stella Gassauerova
Sofie Hejduková
Alena Horáková
Maya Jedličková
Marie Kolaříková
Olivie Kroupová
Claudia Kudrnová
Alexandra Libichová
Kateřina Macháčková
Klára Opočenská
Dominika Pšeničková
Jonáš Rychlík
Aneta Šimková
Linda Skopalíková
Anna Švejdová

Recruitment for the 2019/20 season! Join us!

Fun, travel and a wonderful group of friends, but also hard work on the ice and off, including dance, strength and teamwork. We accept female and male figure skaters of all ages!

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Kateřina Urbanová Head Coach of team Olympia, Harmonia and Euphoria
+420 723 440 063
Jitka Mokrá team manager and Head Coach of team Minnies
+420 602 290 167
If you are interested in a trial session or more information,
contact our head coaches or email nabor@krasobruslenipraha.cz.

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