Historically the most successful Senior team in the Czech Republic!

Team Olympia has successfully represented the Czech Republic at the World Championships for 12 years and we believe that next season they will again fight for the best possible world placement in Lake Placid, USA. This year, Olympia placed in the TOP 15, securing 13th place among strong competition.

Starting in 2018/19, the team prepares their programs in cooperation with Siiri Eskleninen, the coach of Finland’s most successful Junior team. Olympia routinely participates in international competitions and all Czech events. It is possible to join the team throughout the season, but the ideal time is during May and June, when the basic preparation for the whole season is in progress.

Join us and become part of the Czech national team!

Season 2019/2020

Upcoming competitions

exhibitionMikulášský tréninkPrague, HASA, 2. 12. 2019exhibitionMikulášský trénink Prague, HASA2. 12. 2019OLYMPIA
exhibitionSoukromá událostPrague, O2 Arena, 4. 12. 2019exhibitionSoukromá událost Prague, O2 Arena4. 12. 2019OLYMPIA
isuRiga Amber CupRiga, 5.-8. 12. 2019isuRiga Amber Cup Riga5.-8. 12. 2019OLYMPIANomination
isuSanta Claus CupBrno, 14.-15. 12. 2019isuSanta Claus Cup Brno14.-15. 12. 2019OLYMPIA
isuSpring CupMilano, 14.-15. 2. 2020isuSpring Cup Milano14.-15. 2. 2020OLYMPIA
non-isuJihlavský ježekJihlava, 21. 3. 2020non-isuJihlavský ježek Jihlava21. 3. 2020OLYMPIA
isuWSSC 2019Lake Placid, 3.-5. 4. 2020isuWSSC 2019 Lake Placid3.-5. 4. 2020OLYMPIAAccording
to results


exhibitionHokejová bitva univerzitPrague, 31. 10. 2019exhibitionHokejová bitva univerzit Prague31. 10. 2019OLYMPIA
exhibitionKoncert Jiří Korn 70X DÍKPrague, 25. 9. 2019exhibitionKoncert Jiří Korn 70X DÍK Prague25. 9. 2019OLYMPIA
exhibitionExhibice s HC OlympMartin, 14. 9. 2019exhibitionExhibice s HC Olymp Martin14. 9. 2019OLYMPIA


Tango short program

choreography: Siiri Eskelinen (FIN)
music: ---

Experience free skate

choreography: Kateřina Urbanová, Jitka Mokrá
music: ---


Kateřina Urbanová

Head Coach

Jitka Mokrá


Barbora Heroldová

Skating Skills Coach

Matěj Novák

Ice Dance Coach

Natálie Housková


Adéla Koubková


Team for the season 2019/2020

Tereza Chmelařová
Melissa Mišejková
Aneta Benešová
Nikola Doubková
Monika Frolíková
Lucie Holakovská
Kateřina Holoubková
Kateřina Hospodková
Zuzana Jechová
Markéta Jirmanová
Natálie Kratěnová
Michaela Krobová
Kateřina Kubištová
Jana Marešová
Karolína Melicharová
Karolína Procházková
Monika Slezáková
Marie Šrajerová
Adéla Vlasáková
Season 2018/2019

Recruitment for the 2019/20 season! Join us!

Fun, travel and a wonderful group of friends, but also hard work on the ice and off, including dance, strength and teamwork. We accept female and male figure skaters of all ages!

More information


Kateřina Urbanová Head Coach of team Olympia, Harmonia and Euphoria
+420 723 440 063
Jitka Mokrá team manager and Head Coach of team Minnies
+420 602 290 167
If you are interested in a trial session or more information,
contact our head coaches or email nabor@krasobruslenipraha.cz.

Zimní stadion HASA
Sámova 1, Praha 10

Přetlucká 23, Praha 10

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